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  • Published on Mar 25, 2014
    As we gear up for the the 2014 camping season, there are a few things to remember to ensure your camping experience is the best it can be for you and those around you. Here are some unspoken camping etiquette rules to abide by. Bear_Cub_Tin_Sign_5227755575 1. Respect your neighbors and their space- Camping is  a great way to meet new people and make new friends, starting with your neighbors. But, to ensure your friendly neighbor relationship doesn't turn into an un-friendly one, keep to your own camping space unless invited and keep all of your belongings in your designated campsite. 2. Clean up your Space- keeping your campsite clean and picked up not only benefits you but your neighbors around you as well.  Don't leave trash and belongings behind for the next camper to deal with.  Refer to your campsites guidelines for proper disposal of your trash and cleanup rules. 3. Don't feed the animals- I know, I know, it's hard to resist feeding those cute little critters that stroll up to your campsite with their cute little beady eyes.  But, it's in your best interest to resist! Feeding the wildlife can result in unwanted attention and even 6a00d8341c630a53ef015432356aed970c-350wiaggression from animals in the area. 4. Don't bring your own firewood-  bringing in firewood from outside your campsite can result in transporting different diseases and insect that can be harmful to the environment in the area.  Always buy or find your firewood from the campground you are staying at. 5. Honesty is the best policy- We've all heard of the phrase "dine and dash" but please don't be one of those people and try and sneak out of a campsite when the office is closed.  Be honest and pay for your campsite. 6. Dump your grey-water in designated areas-  Waste water from  dish soap, laundry, and bathing needs to be disposed of in the proper grey water tanks at your campsite.  Not dumping in the right area can be harmful to the environment. campfire 7. Never leave a fire unattended- Put out your campfire before leaving your campsite or hitting the sack for the evening.  An unattended fire can cause unwanted damage if it gets out of control. 8. Don't leave food out- especially at night, critters are on the hunt for any scraps leftover  or food left out from careless campers.  You're almost sure to wake up to a mess and an empty snack bag in the morning. Camping can be a fun and memorable experience if you keep these simple camping etiquette rules in mind.  Most campsites have their own set of guidelines to follow as well, so be sure to check with each campsite you visit to ensure you and your fellow campers can enjoy the great outdoors without worry.

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