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  • Published on Oct 04, 2013

    RV Traveler & the general public question Government priorities following the National Park Shutdown

    Yesterday, all 401 of our National Parks shutdown and the gates to the parks were closed. National park campers and visitors inside in the parks were notified they would have to leave two days before the US Government's final ruling in favor of the  National Parks Shutdown.  If you are an avid camper you may have had a similar experience.  In March of 2012, when select parks, monuments, and historic monuments were closed.  Whether an avid camper, RV traveler or simply an American citizen, the National Park Shutdown, has caused the public to question our Government's priorities. Many RV travelers and campers have had to change their travel plans, and are understandably disappointed.  There are numerous articles, blogs, and social media sites discussing the National Park Shutdown.  One of the most popular articles online sums why the issue is so important to the public.  In addition it states a very good conclusion.  Below is an excerpt from the article: "The National Park System is, in so many ways, the measure of our place and of ourselves. If anything good comes of the shutdown, it may be that it gives us the opportunity to see how we like it without our parks, and to see what they mean to us."   Citation: "National Parks: Shutting Down America's Best Idea" by Brower, Kenneth, published October 2nd, 2013 in The National Geographic Daily News online publication  Please share with us your own opinions.  How has the National Park Shutdown affected you, your family & friends?  Are you an RV traveler or know an RVer who has had to leave National Park campgrounds?  Have your RV travel plans been put on hold?  Is your RV campground providing community support?  

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