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  • Published on Feb 06, 2014

    Games to Play While on the Road

    We’ve all heard or said the four dreaded words no one wants to hear on a road trip. “Are we there Yet?” [caption id="attachment_155" align="alignright" width="230"]bored trip Don't let Boredom Hit[/caption] Road trips, especially RV trips, are perfect opportunities for bonding time with friends or family, but travel boredom can strike at anytime. Be prepared to combat boredom next time with fun interactive games that your whole crew can play. Here are some suggestions for travel games that will keep everyone interested and entertained.

    1. License Plate Games

    Who knew license plates could be so fun?! On long road trips, license plates can offer numerous games to play between you and your travel mates. [caption id="attachment_156" align="alignright" width="240"]license plate License Plate Game[/caption] Next time you travel, try to call out the letters you see on passing license plates, then make as many hilarious statements as you can with the letters! For example, if the license plate reads QLC, shout out Quick Loud Crickets, or if it reads AMS, you could say All Mouses Sigh! It is sure to provide a few laughs and also keep the creative juices flowing. Another activity involving license plates is to mark off as many different state license plates as you can. You can even have a competition to see if you saw more on the way to your destination or coming back.

    2. Memory Games

    Many memory games can be played in several different categories. For example, a popular memory game to play is for one person to start at the letter A and say an animal that begins with an A, like antelope. The next person will then say antelope, and then think of an animal that begins with a b, such as bull. The game continues until someone cannot remember the list of animals that was said or can’t think of another animal to say within 5 seconds. This game can be played with food, movies, music, or several other categories to keep things fun and fresh.

    3. Twenty Questions

    This popular game can be played in its original way, which is asking 20 questions to try and guess what the person is thinking of. Or you could play it another way to switch things up. Remember, all games can be customized to make it as fun as possible for your traveling group. [caption id="attachment_157" align="alignright" width="240"]20 questions 20 Questions[/caption] One fun variation of “Twenty Questions” is called “Who Am I?” In “Who Am I?” you still get twenty questions to guess, but you are trying to guess a person either famous or someone your group knows. Ask questions such as physical characteristics, but also features or things that person may do to help propel you to the answer! When playing road trip games the main thing is for them all to be fun. If the games get too serious or cheating starts to occur, take a step back and remember that these games are meant to be fun and a good way to bond while passing time.

    All Valley RV Center

    If you’re looking to take a road trip in an RV and try these games out, All Valley RV Center can help you out! Browse our inventory list which features travel trailers, fifth wheels, toy haulers, as well as Class A and C motorhomes. Contact a sales representative today or stop in at 525 Sierra Highway in Acton, CA to make your dream of owning your own RV a reality! Now that we’ve given you some suggestions for road trip games, comment below to tell us what your go to travel games are!  

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