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  • Published on Aug 25, 2014

    Stay Awake, Arrive Alive

    tired driversIt’s been on a long day on the road trying to make it to your destination in the shortest time possible. Less time in the RV and more time camping is all that is on your mind. But you are tired. You start to think about sleep and the next thing you know your head is snapping up after a quick second of closing your eyes. It happens to us all at some point. Tiredness takes over our bodies and forces us to rethink how we are going to get to our destination safely. Did you know that sleepiness and driving can be just as fatal as drunken driving? When you are sleepy your reaction time decreases, your mood tends to be negative and grumpy and you don’t have the ability to process a lot of information quickly. Here are some ways to make sure you stay awake and arrive to your destination safely.

    1. Switch Drivers

    If you have the luxury of having another eligible driver, consider switching with them to offer you some rest. The most ideal scenario is for someone in the front seat to be awake and alert to help the driver out, but sometimes if you really need to close your eyes, pull over and make sure the other driver is well rested and capable of driving.

    2. Caffeine/Energy Drinks

    Many peoples favorite thing to keep them awake is caffeine or energy drinks. While some might not be the healthiest of options, if you need a boost to get you through the final stretch, energy drinks can do the trick. Other options include Five Hour Energy, which allows you to feel immediate energy but doesn't have a sugar crash, or try green tea, which is a healthy way to gain alertness and focus. Whatever your drink of choice is, make sure to not overdo it on the caffeine.

    3. Rest

    The most sensible idea would be to rest. pull over at a truck or rest stop, lock the doors and just give your mind a break. A 30 minute to an hour nap will give your body a rest while also recharging your mind. While not the most popular option because it takes time away from your trip, it is the safest option for ensuring no one is tired while driving.

     4. Talking

    If you have other people in the car with you, sometimes talking can be all that you need to be alert and stay awake. Try having a conversation about a subject you care passionately about or talk about a subject everyone likes. The more talking you do, the more you feel awake!

    All Valley RV Center

    We hope these tips help you stay awake and arrive to your destinations without incident. If you need any help this holiday weekend with service or parts, stop by All Valley RV Center! We offer a great selection of RV parts and accessories as well as a full service station to get your rig back on the road in no time. Have a great holiday weekend!    

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